What solutions can be exerted to reduce climate change?

The different apt and indicated solutions to reduce the frequency between changes in the climate that the Earth is living are based on measures directly exercised by human activity, in order to counteract the actions given directly by nature and by the energy factors that are inevitable. .

Therefore, education is the basis for improving the conditions and protection of the environment , taking into account several optimal methods when it comes to reducing climate change , which are:


Recycling is the beginning to return to restore the life of the planet, avoiding the worsening of climate change. By recycling 1 kg of used aluminum cans, this consumes less energy than their production.


When you go to prepare a hot drink , boil only the water you are going to use, also give preference to shower, not only to save the amount of water but you save energy that is used to heat it.

Artificial lights

When you are not at home or going to sleep, turn off the lights, it is estimated that homes are responsible for around 30% of the electricity consumption that interferes with the quality of the environment. In this way we will not only save electricity, but we will also collaborate with the care of the planet.

Home appliances

Do not leave the appliances on Standby , because usually 40% of the energy consumed by some of them, such as televisions, do it this way; increasing energy consumption and environmental degradation .

The same happens with the chargers of the mobile, if you leave them plugged in, a lot of the electricity is lost and only 5% is used. Unplug it as soon as you finish using it.

Decreases the use of heating

When placing the heating in very high temperatures;  the impact on climate change intensifies due to the increase in heat that reaches the atmosphere. The ideal is to lower the temperature 1 ° C more and thus be able to further reduce the energy bill and at the same time help the life of the planet by reducing the likelihood of its consequences.

Alternatives to the car

Automobiles are identified as responsible for 10% of the carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere, which is why it is a great idea to turn to public transport from time to time; biking or walking, in order to contribute to the reduction of climate change and global warming .

Plant a tree

This is the fundamental and unforgettable rule of all those people who want to contribute to the planet and ecological health . Find a large park where you know that your tree will be safe and plant the seed. This is a very helpful strategy for the environment , given that 5 trees absorb up to 1 ton of carbon dioxide throughout their lives.

No to fossil fuels

Avoid fossil fuels as much as possible; in order to reduce the carbon dioxide coverage in the atmosphere , which ends up returning to us in the form of acid rain. Instead of these, alternatives to the use of oil, gas and coal can be used.

Ecological infrastructures

In the futuristic measures it is recommended to adapt the home infrastructures such as houses and buildings to take advantage of the energy and not waste it. To this end, the cement must be omitted in its construction in order to avoid the emission of gases that go directly to the greenhouse effect, which is the cause and aggravating of global warming.

These are the care of the environment that will help climate change have a minimal progression; since it will collaborate with the reduction of gases in the atmosphere emitted before the greenhouse effect, which will cause the use of all natural resources to be reduced; as well as allowing the consequences of climate change, coming directly from global warming , to slow down .

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