What is the secret of climate change?

According to The Economist , Sweden’s parliament passed a law in June that requires the country not to have “net emissions” of greenhouse gases (GHGs) into the atmosphere by the year 2045. This does not mean that within three decades the Swedes they will not emit substances that heat the planet, even if all their electricity comes from renewable sources and they only drive Tesla cars, surely they would still want to fly in airplanes or use cement and fertilizers, whose manufacture releases abundant carbon dioxide.

In fact, the law only requires that gross emissions fall by 85% compared to 1990 levels, but requires that the remaining carbon sources be offset by new carbon sinks. In other words, it will be necessary to extract the GHGs from the air.

What is the secret of climate change? Reduce emissions?

Sweden’s commitment is among the most ambitious in the world. However, if the global temperature has a good chance of not rising more than 2 ° C above its pre-industrial level, as stipulated in the Paris Climate Agreement of 2015, global emissions must also reach “net zero” at no later than 2090. After that, the emissions must be “net negative”, with more carbon removed than the one that is issued.

The secret of climate change

The secret of climate change and that almost nobody knows is that reducing emissions  will NOT be enough to keep global warming under control. The companies are worrying about reducing their emissions but that will not reach us. We are not doing enough, just the opposite.