What are the consequences of climate change?

Climate change, since the existence of the land has not only allowed to modify the conditions of nature, but it is also making changes in the economy;  in health and in all populations in one way or another.

However, it has been scientifically determined that climate change is reaching its limit and not putting a definitive brake on these aspects in this, which is the right time; the consequences that can be established are devastating and the results are guaranteed to end completely in disasters.

The proven consequences identified with climate change are:

  • The water expands when you perceive the intense heat; since it is the oceans that absorb more heat than the mainland. In this way, sea ​​level increases .
  • Thanks to the melting of glaciers and sea ice as a result of excessive heat; Sea level is also increased from this perspective.
  • As a consequence of the rise in sea level, the flooding of all the surrounding populations occurs.
  • Sites in which it rains or snows under normal conditions, can get to heat up and with it, dry out completely, as well as lakes and rivers.
  • By reducing the rainfall areas, it causes deforestation and subsequent desertification of the soil.
  • Conditions of severe drought would be present, maintaining the risk of loss for crops.
  • Water for agriculture; production of food, drink or general use would be limited by atmospheric conditions.
  • It would begin the critical extinction of many animal species and vegetation, for lack of water for their nutrition.
  • Hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and storms caused by the variations in temperature that the planet drastically and uncontrollably exerts, leading at the same time to the evaporation of water that would have an effect much more regularly than normal.

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