Another 5 campaigns against climate change that you have to see

1. Greenpeace
Campaign: Barack Obama

Country: United Kingdom


Out-door advertising produce by Arc, United Kingdom for Greenpeace, within the category: Public interest, NGO.

Sorry. We could have stopped the catastrophic climate change … We did not.

Campaigns against climate change that you have to see – Greenpeace Barack Obama

2. Globalization and Solidarity Global Neighbors
Campaign: Climate Campaign

Country: Germany

Description: Our lifestyle is directly related to the inhuman living conditions on the other side of the world.

In a globalized world, we are more informed than ever about global deficiencies. But more information does not mean more commitment. The complexity of global relationships creates the feeling that you can not change anything anyway.

The campaign shows the German audience how directly our lifestyle is related to inhuman living conditions and asks for thought and action.

Campaigns against climate change that you have to see – 10 examples

3. Skipping School
Campaign: It Can Get You a Job.

Country: Belgium

Description: Thousands of young people gathered in Belgium to demand action against climate change .

These young people seized Brussels with strong and creative slogans.

TBWA Brussels, are wanting to find those who challenge to question something. Those who bring new ideas to the table or even go around that table. These are the qualities of a great editor.

People who take a photo of their slogan with #climatecopy can get one of our three summer internships as a copywriter.

Because we are always looking for bold ideas.

Campaigns against climate change that you have to see – Skipping school

4. Greenpeace
Campaign: #TheWorstChangeOfAll

Country Spain

Description: When we think about our New Year’s wishes, we tend to be positive, change for the better or for a good future. But, what if we had the desire to the contrary?

With this message, the campaign tries to raise awareness about the greatest threat on the planet: climate change.

5. Friends of the Earth Australia
Campaign: Send a skeptic to space

Country: Australia

Description: In an attempt to persuade today’s world leaders to take better care of our planet, Friends of the Earth Australia is asking for the help of the global community to send a climate change skeptic into space so they can change their perspective and return to Earth as a slightly more ecologically ethical person.

The #sendasceptictospace social campaign shows that when astronauts travel into space, they can see Earth from orbit. As you watch the planet, you see a thin layer of ozone, the effects of human impact, and you realize that we are all together on this earth, and we are destroying our only home.