Continue – Key measures to reduce climate change – Part 2

  1. Efficient transportation
    Transportation is one of the most polluting activities that we can easily change. You can start by using less the private car , whenever you can. Use sustainable means of transport like the bicycle instead, or move around on public transport.

For long distances, the most sustainable is the train , above the airplane, which causes a large part of the CO emisiones emissions emitted into the atmosphere. If you are someone who prefers to drive by car, remember that every kilometer that you increase the speed, considerably increase the CO emisiones emissions and the fuel expense. And if you still have doubts about whether to buy an electric car or not, we assure you that it is appropriate.

  1. A low carbon diet
    Transforming our diet into a low carbon means consuming more intelligently. First, it consists in reducing the consumption of meats (livestock is one of the biggest pollutants in the atmosphere) and increasing that of fruits, vegetables.

It is also important to try that all the products are local (or close to the point of sale) and that they are seasonal: avoiding imports that suppose extra emissions for transport. As well as avoiding excessive packaging and processed foods as much as possible.

  1. Demand a real change to the Government
    As responsible citizens, it is in our power to demand that the Government make a visible and national change in its sustainability policies. Starting by taking urgent measures to be able to fulfill the commitments of the Paris Agreement and the Kyoto Protocol and reduce global warming or at least stop it.

A structural change is also necessary to move more sustainably. Encouraging public transport and the use of bicycles are good options. But also review and enhance the aid of the Movea plan for the electric car , which are currently scarce and insufficient (in 2017 sold out in 24 hours).

Continue promoting the production of renewable energy is another point on the way. And we also need to demand proper waste management, there is no point in us recycling if the government does not manage them properly and sustainably.

Fulfilling the Paris Agreements and the Kyoto Protocol is key to curbing the #Climatic Change.

  1. Plant a tree!
    Rather, it avoids the loss of forests and natural flora, they are the lungs of the world. Without them we run out of oxygen to breathe! So take steps to avoid causing fires in your visits to the mountain or field.

If you buy wooden furniture make sure they have the certification or seal that ensures its sustainable origin. And if you can, plant a tree! Each of them can absorb a kilo of CO₂ during their life. Let’s do our bit.

For our part, we will always offer you clean energy , and we will give you personalized savings tips and to be efficient in your control panel. Do you add to the change?