7 Key measures to reduce climate change – Part 1

What is climate change really and why should it worry you?
When we talk about climate change, we refer above all to the global variation of Earth’s climate. These changes have much to do with the increase of the “greenhouse effect” , the increase of the presence of certain gases in the atmosphere prevents the sun’s heat from escaping by increasing the temperature on Earth.

Nature and, above all, human action, have caused greenhouse gases (especially CO₂) to increase by 30% in the last century . As a result, the global temperature has risen and the climate is changing .

But it’s not just that the summers are hotter, or that the north pole has lost ‘a few kilometers’ of ice. In the long term, climate change will cause the extinction of species, increase the level of the sea by disappearing coastal cities, … In short, complicating life on Earth.

And the worst thing is that if we do not act NOW, there will be no turning back . We can not reverse the effects we are already experiencing, but reduce the impact we cause. Do you join us in the fight against climate change?

How to combat climate change
In Lucera, in addition to addicts to the tricks of efficiency and savings, we are also concerned about the environment. That is why we do what we can to combat climate change with these tricks.

  1. Renewable Energies, yes!
    Of course, clean and renewable energy is our first bet. The objective? Reduce emissions and the impact on the environment, with renewable energy. What’s more, the one we sell in Lucera is 100% clean and renewable , certified by the CNMC with its Guarantees of Origin .

If you want to go further, betting on electric self-consumption is the next step on the road. A photovoltaic installation on your roof (especially in single-family homes) will guarantee clean energy, directly from your roof, will not generate any impact on the environment and will reduce your electricity bill. And as long as the installed power is less than 10kW of power (most likely) you will be exempt from paying the so-called “sun tax”. Everything is advantages!

2. Save energy
Being efficient in energy consumption is also key to reducing climate change. Not only consume what is necessary, but do it efficiently and responsibly .

If you are a Lucera customer, in your Control Panel you will find many personalized tips to reduce your electricity consumption and be more efficient. If you still are not, we are waiting for you! Meanwhile, in our blog you can find some tips to save energy.

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3. The three ‘R’

Surely you already sound the rules of the three ‘R’ of, but we remind you briefly:

Reduce: Consists of consuming less, that is, only the essential. For example, buy products with less packaging, fresh products compared to those packaged.
Reuse: The goal is to find a second life for the products. For example, fill bottles, or use the blank side of the printed folios. You can also take advantage of second-hand markets to get rid of some objects.
Recycle: Recycling is essential if we want to stop climate change. Both packaging, electronic products, paper, etc. For example, for every 3 recycled glass bottles, garbage deposited in a landfill is reduced by one kilo.