5 campaigns against climate change

1. Climate Reality Group
Campaign: Bigfoot

Country: United States

Description: 21% of people in the Pacific Northwest think BigFoot exists. 27% of people think that climate change does not exist. #ClimateChangesIsReal

Campaigns against climate change that you have to see – Bigfoot

2. Melting Ice Association
Project: Trumpmore

Country: Finland

Description: The Trumpmore project aims to demonstrate climate change in a monumental way.

A Finnish NGO wants to order a 115-foot tall ice sculpture from Donald Trump’s face in the Arctic region to show that climate change is happening.

The project was launched in April last year and since then has attracted enormous attention from the international media and generated interest on the subject.

Only a small part of the population participates actively in the public discussion on environmental issues. The goal was to change that. The Trumpmore Project wants to generate discussions about global warming .

3. Climate Coalition
Campaign: A simple love poem

Country: United Kingdom

Description: The film features a variety of well-known actors, chefs, musicians and businesswomen, who have donated their time to raise the profile of climate change. The film uses a classic poem, Shakespeare’s 18th sonnet, “Do I compare you to a summer day?” To what the artists bring to life, line by line, to create an impressive 101-second movie.

The film ends with a strong message for the public to join a call to action on climate change.

4. WWF
Campaign: All for bear

Country: Russia

Description: BBDO Moscow has launched a digital project focused on the problems of polar bear preservation. Allforbear.com aims to increase publicity awareness to show many users.

Problem: With its natural habitat, ice, which is melting rapidly, the population of 25,000 polar bears in the Arctic region faces extinction. Estimates indicate that only ⅓ can survive in 2050, and last year’s ice level reached its minimum level, showing a gap in the size of Turkey compared to the minimum level in 2007.

The future of bears in danger of extinction is made even worse by factors such as climate change, fish migration, as well as poaching and pollution in the Arctic region.

Idea: To help WWF raise funds for the project and attract the attention of the public and media to the problem, BBDO Moscow created a special website and encouraged users to share it on social networks.

Solution: The website shows the virtual ice habitat of polar bears surrounded by the sea. Each click in the blue area of ​​the sea turns the water into an ice bottom, which receives your name, and gives the bears more space to live.

The mechanics of the website is based on the Pay-With-A-Tweet concept: each click generates a Share for accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Vk.com. The more people visit the website and share it with their friends, the more donations WWF receives.

Results: Russian outdoor media showed their support by providing free advertising space, while the main online media and the Russian community LiveJournal promoted it on their websites for free.

5. Next Condom Store
Campaign: Earth Hour Condoms

Brazil country

Description: Earth Hour is a global event that takes place towards the end of March each year, and encourages households and businesses to turn their lights off for one hour to help on climate change .
But when you think about it, 60 minutes without using electricity can be a bit boring.