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Climate change: What it is, causes, consequences and solutions

Climate change has taken place from billions of years , as a result of many causes generated by human activity; but also for those interventions where both internal and external energy in the main altered.

The climate on the planet is not characterized by being static;  but although it is true that the variations that have occurred since its existence have marked special periods that are defined between one era and another; some standing out more than others.

What is climate change?

What is climate changeIt is all global variation pertaining to the climate of the planet. It occurs for different reasons; among them natural, by action of the human being and by energetic factors. They usually occur at certain time scales that are difficult to measure; but they are linked to different parameters of the entire environment . These parameters are:

  • Temperature
  • Precipitation
  • Cloudiness

It is the climatic changes the greenhouse effect acts , knowing that without it life would not be compatible on the planet, since the whole environment would be excessively cold. Within the gases accumulated by pollution , this effect is found in nitrous oxide; carbon dioxide and methane, gases that emanate from human activities such as industry, fossil fuels and also agriculture.

Likewise, industries and their waste; have managed to keep the gases increasing with a higher proportion since the last century, reaching up to 30% more.

This is because the first years, even until two centuries ago; The nature itself took care to balance the emissions that had all industries but at present; the deterioration has been such that it is impossible for nature to regulate it with the same capacity as before, especially because of the increase in the mode of production that exists today.

The negative changes that are now associated with climate change; they are closely related to both the mode of production and current energy consumption; aspects that have been generating a great global climate alteration , causing severe impacts on the natural environment of the planet and at the same time within it, as in the socioeconomic systems.

What are the causes of climate change?

PollutionIt is known that in all the perspectives that one looks at; the temperatures found on this planet are suitable and compatible with the life of all living beings that live in this environment. This is implied because the solar radiations that reach the main layer of the earth are reflected in the space; becoming largely absorbed by nature.

On this side, the Earth absorbs a large amount of lightning is a hot planet and remains at a final temperature of + 15 ° and not -19 ° C.

But for the emanation of gases the influence of the human population is necessary and therefore; the action of human beings in climate changes is evident.

It has been described that human influence is the fundamental cause of climate change since the 20th century; which is where they have seen more variations in them with different effects, causing changes in the entire climate system.

Therefore, to limit in a large proportion the climatic variations;  an important but sustainable reduction of greenhouse gases must be implemented; this way to keep it as a planet fit for life but also, with less climate changes.

What are the consequences of climate change?

What solutions can be exerted to reduce climate change?

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